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The Demented Bobblehead

You’d be forgiven for having very low expectations for the newest version of Stephen King’s It, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you dismiss this film as just a lazy cash-grab capitalizing on a known property.

The Force Awakens... Or Does It??

Nowadays, I find myself awkwardly having to confess to people that “I’m not really a Star Wars fan…” But when a good friend of mine bought 15 tickets for the day of the premiere, I decided to go with him and see whether this new film could rekindle my childhood love for Star Wars.

Scenes from the Crypt

In honor of one of my personal favorite days of the year, Halloween, I have collected four horrifying scenes that I consider to be truly memorable. So, please… Come in. Sit down. Make yourself comfortable. The lights are off. Nobody else is around. Turn up the sound… And without further ado, I present… the list.

Give Film a Chance

Jesper Simola takes a look at FilmAid, a ground-breaking charity teaching film-making in refugee camps to both spread vital information and to give people in need a channel for their own voice and experiences. He also sheds light on his own experiences in film-making.