Outlander, the new fantasy-romance series on Starz, can’t be described without sounding at least slightly ridiculous: a nurse from the World War II-era time-travels back to 18th century Scottish highlands through a sacred stone circle, and ends up captive in a Scottish laird’s castle. Plus there’s a massive amount of hot sex and mind-boggling violence. It’s no wonder then, that comparisons to the HBO hit series Game of Thrones arose quickly...

Faking it at the Cat Cafe

The cafe opened their doors early. As I waited to pay the five euro entrance fee, a low, assertive meow sounded right next to my ear. A large, black manx stared at me from an eye-level shelf. The cat made unblinking eye contact and meowed again, letting me know whose house I was in. "Hi," I replied. The cat stared, a perfectly round, perfectly still ball of self-possession. I knew I'd come to the right place.

Cultural Oddities and Other Observations

I wonder what this culture looks like through her eyes and whether she feels at home here. Does she view our social reservation as a form of segregation or our diffident demeanor as indifference? I start rewinding the events of the past 20 minutes, feebly attempting to see the “normal” every-day occurrences of my bus ride as something strange and unfamiliar.