The 144-minute-long Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies manages to be a slightly more tolerable viewing experience than the mind-numbingly lengthy previous installments. The last hurrah of this over-stretched mess of a trilogy is another CGI-filled blockbuster that can’t help but squeeze loyal fans out of their last dimes. While somewhat entertaining at times, the film is doomed from the start.

Senna and many other Formula One drivers retain a near-mythical image of defying death while clocking blistering sector times, in fuel-rigged vehicles occasionally referred to as “bombs on wheels”... Filmmakers have been recently addressing the bipolar nature of F1, in which safety concerns are seemingly contrasted by drivers’ and constructors’ determinations to build the fastest car possible.

Outlander, the new fantasy-romance series on Starz, can’t be described without sounding at least slightly ridiculous: a nurse from the World War II-era time-travels back to 18th century Scottish highlands through a sacred stone circle, and ends up captive in a Scottish laird’s castle. Plus there’s a massive amount of hot sex and mind-boggling violence. It’s no wonder then, that comparisons to the HBO hit series Game of Thrones arose quickly...

Faking it at the Cat Cafe

The cafe opened their doors early. As I waited to pay the five euro entrance fee, a low, assertive meow sounded right next to my ear. A large, black manx stared at me from an eye-level shelf. The cat made unblinking eye contact and meowed again, letting me know whose house I was in. "Hi," I replied. The cat stared, a perfectly round, perfectly still ball of self-possession. I knew I'd come to the right place.