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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble 

When I last wrote about wrestling for BTSB, I spoke about a burgeoning women’s revolution in the WWE. Since that article, several milestones have been broken but none, perhaps, as significant as the one that occurred on January 28th of this year. 

The Four Horsewomen of Wrestling

The most prominent stereotype associated with professional wrestling is that of two muscular and nearly naked men doused in oil rolling around on a canvas in front of a roaring crowd of rednecks. There’s a lot wrong with that statement, not the least of which is the fact that it leaves out female wrestlers entirely.

Senna and many other Formula One drivers retain a near-mythical image of defying death while clocking blistering sector times, in fuel-rigged vehicles occasionally referred to as “bombs on wheels”... Filmmakers have been recently addressing the bipolar nature of F1, in which safety concerns are seemingly contrasted by drivers’ and constructors’ determinations to build the fastest car possible.