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Re-viewed: Rise And Fall Of The Rocket Man

Pop-star biopics have become a colossal phenomenon in recent years, and it is no surprise that one was made about the 70’s success story Elton John. Rocketman tells the story of a talented child who wasn’t loved by his parents, ending up with serious substance abuse problems and, yet, a reaching-for-the-stars kind of music career.

The Demented Bobblehead

You’d be forgiven for having very low expectations for the newest version of Stephen King’s It, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you dismiss this film as just a lazy cash-grab capitalizing on a known property.

There’s no expiration date on good music, but there is a certain flavor of regret reserved for discovering an awesome band through a midcareer album’s 11th anniversary show. Boris recently played the entirety of Pink at Tavastia, a noisy, smoke-drenched, perfect experience. The band’s particular mix of doom, psychedelic rock, and avant garde noise leaves little space for any sentiment other than pure enjoyment.