The doors to the auditorium of the main stage of the Finnish National Theatre are shut one by one, in a consistent order, simultaneously on both sides of the audience. Darkness, so absolute that I cannot see outside of myself, I’m forced to look inwards only. Still dark.

Nirvana, the supposedly “last great rock band”, with a front man that publicly spoke of his depression, is an easy subject for being made into this icon of negativity and darkness. Yet I think that a lot of the fans of Cobain’s music find his work more multifaceted than it is generally given credit for.

You can’t predict it and you can’t evade it. I hear the slight falter in your voice when you've been thinking on your own and the smile that starts just a second too late. You try to hide it and from the surface I couldn't even notice. Maybe I don’t notice, years pass and still no one knows.

I lived most of my early life thinking that gingerbread is something that cannot be made from scratch at home, and the store-bought mystery dough was all I’d seen of the process. Why had I been kept in the dark about something so simple yet so profound?

The Force Awakens... Or Does It??

Nowadays, I find myself awkwardly having to confess to people that “I’m not really a Star Wars fan…” But when a good friend of mine bought 15 tickets for the day of the premiere, I decided to go with him and see whether this new film could rekindle my childhood love for Star Wars.