Chief Editor's Note: Sensations of Home

Water evaporates, twirling and enveloping me as I look out over the snow-covered lakeshore: my skin prickly, breath foggy and limbs immobile in absolute relaxation--the post-sauna nirvana. Summer twilight--blue and purple hued--the city is asleep as I bike on cobblestones. I'm a little drunk on wine but mostly the light. Feel familiar? These are my memories of Finland. Sensations of home etched into my skin. Yet they are collective.

A Cidade Da Luz

“I don’t understand what she has against some culture. I mean the lady drags us half way across the world and expects us to sit in our hotel room or go to shopping malls. I get that she’s about to  divorce Richard and wants to blow all his money before the shit hits the fan, but I feel like…We should even try to absorb some of this culture or like even pretend like there’s a shred of authenticity about us.”