All in Short story

Standing here

Wednesday. My eyes were opened to the world right here. I see every sunrise and -set, while others pay attention to more trivial activities, such as… Well, I can’t think of any examples right now. The point is: today is Wednesday.


And thus on that delightful day my worries washed away with a visit to the three sisters Belle. I once crossed paths with the eldest during a particularly crass predicament. To protect my pride, I'll omit what occurred that day; but by the end of it, I owed the dame a few dimes.

My hand clasps the end of the table as if the stiff plastic would keep me safe. The laughter dies off but gets replaced with banter from other sections of the party. Red Jacket finishes the turn before getting up to grab his second beer from the kitchen.

Hollow Games

“Can you please stop chewing so loudly.”

I shoot a contemptuous glance at Adrian, begging the fresh coffee he sips to scald his vocal chords useless. I throw him a crooked smirk and take my next bite with exaggerated caution, as if his words had put me on mute…