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Cultural Oddities and Other Observations

I wonder what this culture looks like through her eyes and whether she feels at home here. Does she view our social reservation as a form of segregation or our diffident demeanor as indifference? I start rewinding the events of the past 20 minutes, feebly attempting to see the “normal” every-day occurrences of my bus ride as something strange and unfamiliar.

Thinking Problem

Usually when I’m drinking, it all happens naturally. There’s not a lot of thought put into it. Almost everyone around me is drinking so it’s not unusual for me to be drinking as well. When I consciously decide not to drink, however, it suddenly becomes something unusual; something that I almost have to justify.

Public Park Apocalypse

Elizabeth Oakes's essay focuses on our uncanny fascination with the apocalyptic and scenarios of a world after the fall of mankind. Is any of us really going to end up as the lone wolf protagonists of a post-apocalyptic world?