Hunting Santas and Celebrating Naughtiness: Five Alternative Christmas Movies

If you are looking to blacken an already dark Christmas season, look no further than these twisted film picks by the BTSB staff, ranging between the good, the bad, and the truly Ebenezer-esque...

Esko: Rare Exports












A recent addition to the Christmas movie canon, Jalmari Helander's debut is dark, quirky, and a ton of fun. Dubbed as a story about the real Santa, who is way not merry at all, it combines action, humor, and a campy plot in a exquisite manner. Especially recommended to be viewed with non-Finnish friends!


Laura: Bad Santa










Terry Zwigoff's dark comedy about a sex addict conman who tries to rob shopping malls disguised as Santa is a real treat for the naughty. The flick, starring Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox and Lauren Graham, is messed up Christmas fun with sex, crime and more sex. While this movie might not be for everyone, I would recommend it to all the grinches during this merry season!


Ari: Gremlins











Most moviegoers will recall Joe Dante's horror comedy for its ridiculously adorable pet-turned-hero, Gizmo. To me, however, the real stars have always been the namesake monsters, merrily portrayed in such set pieces as the blender/knife/microwave murder and the drunken brawl in Dorry's Irish Tavern. Seriously, you just DON'T feed a mogwai after midnight!


Jesper: Silent Night, Deadly Night 2

Silent Night










OK, to be honest, I haven't actually seen this movie... But I have watched a clip from it over and over again! Truly, its brilliant writing, heart-wrenching action, and spell-binding acting have made me question myself and the frailty of life on many an occasion.

Anyway, I think it's a Christmas movie. I mean, it's called "Silent Night Deadly Night 2," which is obviously a reference to the classic Xmas song "Do They Know It's Christmas?"


Ari: Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut











Stanley Kubrick allegedly switched his erotic thriller's time-frame from Mardi Gras to Christmas due to its “rejuvenating symbolism”. Truth be told, the only Christmas motifs I spotted were the butt-ugly holiday decorations framing many of Tom Cruise's nightly sexcapades. The carnival orgy masks looked great, though!

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