Chief Editor's Note: Just Keep Reading

For our latest issue Elina composed a poem titled “These Words Are Not Mine”, Hanna takes a stab at Marvel films and Petteri provides an interesting commentary on Shakespeare’s “Timon of Athens”. Anthony gifts us with yet another fantastic short story and Teemu reflects on his recent trip to a longboard dancing competition. Jesper admits to being wrong about Game of Thrones and I interview content coordinator Kaisa Leino. On behalf of the whole editorial staff, I wish you enjoyable reading moments!

Hollow Games

“Can you please stop chewing so loudly.”

I shoot a contemptuous glance at Adrian, begging the fresh coffee he sips to scald his vocal chords useless. I throw him a crooked smirk and take my next bite with exaggerated caution, as if his words had put me on mute…

I Was Wrong About...Game of Thrones

The first episode didn’t do much to dispel my assumptions of it being generic fantasy. It felt slow and full of information about bloodlines and such that I felt little investment in; not to mention names that would go in one ear and out the other. Slowly, but surely, however, I began to see the characters as more than stereotypes. Characters like Jamie, who initially appear to be almost stereotypically evil, develop in surprising ways, making you reevaluate your feelings about many of the characters. Except Joffrey. That guy is always terrible.