Summer Playlist 2018

It’s become something of an annual tradition for BTSB to release a playlist each summer and this year is no exception. There’s nothing better on a warm summer night than grabbing a cold beverage of your choice, some of your closest friends, and cranking up the tunes. I’ve put together this playlist with the help of some of my fellow BTSB editors so you’ll find a good variety of different songs to add some color to your evenings. We hope these will help make your summer nights all the more magical. 

Track List: 

  1. Pool Party – The Aquabats. “This is a personal favorite of mine from my early teenage years that I’ve rediscovered a year or two ago. It’s an incredibly silly and admittedly rather stupid song, but it’s one that amuses me to no end and is a perfect song to accompany any water-based activities.” – Added by Jesper 
  2. Good For Nothing – Hard-Fi. Added by Jesper. 
  3. Feel The Love Go – Franz Ferdinand. Added by Jesper. 
  4. Brazil – Declan McKenna. “So difficult to choose only one song, but I eventually managed to push aside the obvious options like Beach Boys and the Grease soundtrack and go with this. The song’s sound is oh, so summery and beat chill like on a sunny day on the beach, but its message is also worthy of attention again this summer. McKenna wrote the song to protest the FIFA World Cup organized in Brazil four years ago, and I guess we can agree that this year, the football contest might once again be happening on questionable ground.” Added by Elina. 
  5. California – Bernhoft. “Norway is known mostly of its many cheerful and summery musicians so here is another one.” Added by Juho. 
  6. California Sun – Ramones. Added by Jesper. 
  7. Harder Than You Think – Public Enemy. Added by Jesper. 
  8. Crooked Teeth – Death Cab For Cutie. “I love the nostalgia that the song gives me of being in late teenage years and early twenties. The certain magic and carefreeness that there was to things.” Added by Hanna. 
  9. Happy Ways – Joe Walsh. “This is a newer discovery for me but it’s a chill song that always puts me in a good mood. Has those summer vibes for sure.” Added by Jesper. 
  10. A Pinch of Salt – Dead Man. “I haven’t heard this song in like four to five years, but it somehow instantly popped into my mind. I guess it speaks to how summer-y it sounds, since I had completely forgotten about it until you mentioned here that you’re compiling a summer playlist. Also, >20 views!” Added by Teemu. 
  11. This Feeling – Alabama Shakes. “Among all the upbeat summer songs that will likely be on this playlist, I’d like to suggest one that’s very calm and serene, maybe something to listen to when watching a sunset on a warm summer night. This song is about finding tranquility in knowing that everything’s going to be alright.” Added by Anthony. 
  12. Dance The Night Away – Van Halen. Added by Jesper. 
  13. Give It Up – KC & The Sunshine Band. Added by Jesper. 
  14. 99 Red Balloons – Goldfinger. “I know, some people will scream ‘blasphemy’ at me for mentioning any version of this song other than the original one in German, but fuck it, I think this cover is really energetic and fun. Plus, it does have at least SOME German in it!” Added by Jesper. 
  15. Go Let It Out (Live at Abbey Road Studios) – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Added by Jesper. 
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