Chief Editor's Note: Hello you, old or new reader!

What a beginning for the academic year this has been for BTSB!  It’s only September and we have had some staff changes, worked our brains out about how to make this a better webzine for you readers and most of all, we’ve had an amazing opportunity to meet all you new freshmen! We held a checkpoint during Fuksiaiset, where the freshmen were humorously able to experience the life of a BTSB editor (chief editors shouting behind you about deadlines, doing your best with the blurry feeling of drunkenness, hangover and so forth) and met most of our staff members.

I believe that this could be one of our best years yet and we encourage all of you English students, old and new, to join us! Our meetings are open to the public and you don’t have to contribute anything to be able to take part in the meetings. Even if you’re interested in, for example, photography or illustration, come and meet us, we are interested in all talent! So, just follow SUB’s mailing list and you will hear about our meetings and deadlines.

 Also all of you readers (English students or not), stay tuned for our upcoming issues and of course, this month’s issue! We’re going to have some neat new things in the future, such as our photo of the month and bulletin board!

 In this great autumn issue we have a report about the US presidential campaign, an outraged rant about bicycles, a retrospect on a year in Edinburgh, insightful looks into underground computer game Slender, Dark Knight Rises and the Helsinki Comics Festival plus an essay on freshmanhood by an old geezer.

 Welcome to the awesome world of BTSB!

The One Where I Show My Love For Bicycles

If I Was a Freshman