10 Things Not To Say…

...to a stranger while at the men's urinal. 10) Are you a shaker or a stroker? Me, I'm a bit of the both. I usually start with the shake but add a couple of strokes for good measure.

9) WOW-WEE, that's HUGE, man! Congratulations!

8) Are you a porn star? I'd recognise that penis anywhere.

7) Here, can you hold mine, I gotta comb my hair and I don't want to spill on my pants.

6) God I hate going to public restrooms, because some people just can't let you do your thing in peace, don't you think?

5) Aaaaaahhhhh... AAAAAHHHHH... OOOOOHHHH... this feels good, doesn't it? All that's missing is a foot rub and a shaving razor, don't you think?

4) So, are you gay too? Oh, yeah, me neither, I was talking about my friend. You gorgeous stud. No, I didn't say anything.

3) You know, you should drink more fluids, because that's a really unhealthy colour.

2) Can I taste yours? I mean, I just want to see if it tastes any different, 'sall.

1) You know, I'm looking at you and yours, and ... *starts clapping* oh sorry! I'm sure the stain will wash away. Too bad it's on your white shirt. And in your mouth. Well, I'm done here. [tags]bathroom, men, urinal[/tags]

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