Leaving On A Jet Plane

That's it, I'm done. All packed up, goodbyes said, beard in its apex (pics later), and a valid visa in my passport. To be honest it feels really weird to just wait. No schoolwork, deadlines, no shifts left at the restaurant, nothing. I still can't believe I got everything done in time, because it seemed close to impossible a couple of weeks ago. Oh well, must be my all-around general awesomeness, which is incidentally my second greatest virtue after my utmost modesty. Although, I will indubitably write here a couple of weeks later to tell you about all the things I actually forgot. But I'll deal with that then and concentrate now on the slight panic and the incredulousness that I'm actually leaving in about 12 hours. In case you've just joined us, or I haven't told you in the previous posts, I'm flying via London, where I have a crispy 12-hour layover, from whence I then continue to Nairobi on an over-night flight. Then Zanzibar, then safari in Masai Mara, then Kilimanjaro, then something else. But I'll tell you all about the aforementioned in due time, in shorter intervals than 2 weeks, if I only have access to the wonder of the interweb.

In the meantime, look for my people-watching report from Heathrow, possibly even tomorrow. Of course most people might claim that they might have better things to do on Christmas Eve, but they would obviously be lying. So, see you guys there then.. I'd ask you to wish me luck, but as I am more a skill-oriented person, I won't.

Peace, love and understanding to you all.

(maybe I still have some time to grab a few pints with the lads...) ((outstanding idea..)) [tags]sanzibar, jet, plane[/tags]

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