SUBliminal Messages: Portrait of the Editor

Some of you may not know this, but there was once a time in my life when I tried to be an active part in those functions of SUB's governing body, the board, that actually had any tangible responsibilities. I had a go at organizing parties and trying to run SUB's facilities affairs. The less said about those two the better. However, the responsibilities of the editor of our beloved webzine came to me as a complete surprise, but I must say that it was a most welcome change of scenery.

Truth be told, before my tenure as editor I had never written anything for BTSB. I had considered submitting something many times, but I always chickened out, fearing that my insights on popular culture and miscellania would simply be too inaccessible to the general readership of BTSB. However, as I was soon to find out after writing my first couple of pieces for this zine, English majors are a bunch of geeks.

One of the problems that comes with the territory is the fact that you have to write. Before I made a single submission to BTSB I had a pile about a foot high of ideas for different articles I could write for the magazine, but I've yet to revisit any of those half-baked ideas during my tenure, always relying on my ability to come up with something new. It hasn't always been easy and even when I really haven't felt like writing anything I've always had to squeeze out something.

All in all, the past year has been a welcome change of pace. Whether I will continue in my position as editor of BTSB remains to be seen. At this juncture I'd just like to thank everyone who has thus far helped make BTSB what it is today and extend my sincerest thanks to my once partner in crime Maria Koistinen, now enjoying the wonders of the United States of America. Let's make this zine something to be proud of.

And who know, maybe I'll finally write that article about spirituality in Star Wars.

Yours truly,Patrik Renholm

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