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This massive reform is an exhausting project to get going, but once rolling along it has a chance of offering new options for collaboration and pooling together disciplines and people in a way that promises something fresh. It brings with it some bad, some good, and a whole lot of confusing, but the final tally should be on the side of the positive.

As my Master’s Degree studies are coming to their end, I find myself continuously searching for jobs and internships. As an attempt to create something out of this bottomless well of misery and anguish, I decided to journal my endeavors. May they be of help – or warning – to all those following in my footsteps.

Recently I ran across an interesting article on education and the respect of society at large for humanities subjects. In her article Lotta Aarikka sets out to crush the popular myth about humanities subject students who cannot find a job after graduating despite their university education.

I began my studies at Helsinki University in 2008. Now, I’ll finally be getting my Master’s Degree diploma, marking the end of my university studies. During that time, I’ve seen a lot of changes happen to the system, and my own perception has developed and shifted accordingly. For the most part, I’ve been grateful to have the chance to study in Finland, but I’d be remiss not to speak out about some troubling developments.