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Are you an university student with a penchant for writing but no platform? Look no further! BTSB is an English student community of enthusiastic writers always glad to welcome new contributors. We accept both fiction and nonfiction, anything from poetry and prose to photos and podcasts. Just remember that this is an online publication; novels are tricky for us. We do not accept advertorials of any sort. All rights remain with the author. Note that BTSB is not able to offer monetary compensation at this time. 

How to Proceed

1. If possible, come to a meeting or an event! At the meeting we present article ideas and plan out the issue. We're a friendly bunch, so leave your anxieties at the doorstep and join the fun! Information about BTSB's upcoming events can be found on the "Events"- page and on our social media platforms.

2. If you don't reside in Helsinki, Finland, don't worry: you can pitch an idea via the form below.

3. You can also send in ready articles to btsbzine@gmail.com. Make sure to scroll down and read through our formatting guidelines before submitting your piece. 

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Formatting articles


  • don’t indent the first line of a new paragraph. Leave an empty line to indicate a new paragraph.
  • don’t stylise the heading (etc. bold, underline)
  • there is no strict word limit, but anything between 500-1000 is a-okay! (1-2,5 pages) If your piece is closer to 2000 words, consider editing or publishing the piece in two or more parts. 


Generally speaking, if your article isn’t built around photos one photo will suffice. However, if you have more than one picture follow these guidelines:

  • please indicate where pictures should be placed with a placeholder within the text. Like so, [PICTURE1]
  • name and number your pictures in a way that they are easily connected to your article, e.g. the first word of your title. Then attach this info and possible captions to the end of your article.

Image requirements:

  • send images to webmasters as individual files, not as attachments within your article.
  • send them in .jpg or .png format.
  • image files less than 500 KB in size work the best for our site.
  • avoid vertical pictures!