All in Short story

June 17th 1978

Sometimes Irene Carvalho wondered if she was brought into this world only to see herself fade.

While everyone around her went about their normal lives as mundane shapes and colours, she remained still, and somehow untouched by the moving of time...

A Cidade Da Luz

“I don’t understand what she has against some culture. I mean the lady drags us half way across the world and expects us to sit in our hotel room or go to shopping malls. I get that she’s about to  divorce Richard and wants to blow all his money before the shit hits the fan, but I feel like…We should even try to absorb some of this culture or like even pretend like there’s a shred of authenticity about us.”

I Left It In Myles Bay

I needed It to stay away. I was so scared of It coming back. I’d kept It away by thinking of happy times and happy moments. Each one gave me only so much time. It ate away at my joyous memories and eventually burned through them like fuel. But I knew. There was one place, with memories too good, a place where every room rang with laughter and held the warmth of sun rays in the floor, a place where I had always been happy.