Chief Editor's Note: Is it 2015 already?

It’s a little hard to believe that when the last issue came out, I had my Christmas decorations up and now the first gleams of sun have touched my zombie-grey (“pale”) skin.

Spring has always been a rather complicated time for me. I know that all Finns should be jumping around when we see the first glimpse of light in months, so saying the following truly is a travesty:

So, here’s a list of why springtime sucks.

  • My mom used to be a nurse and she, and her friend told me that more old people die in retirement homes in spring
  • Dog poo. Everywhere.
  • Dust. Every-achoo!
  • All your friendly neighborhood intoxicated people crawl out from their hibernation to make your tram rides as enjoyable as possible.
  • Everything, including your shoes you thought were super cute in November, is dirty.
  • Everybody else seems to be happy, but you’re just tired.
  • You’re just tired, but you’re supposed to enjoy the spring.
  • …which you can’t do, because you work and study and sleep.
  • Another school year is about to finish and you look at Weboodi thinking, “what have I done with my life.”
  • It’s always too hot or cold, when you wear your peacoat, you’re freezing and when you’re wearing your quilted jacket, your face melts.

Yeah ok. There are some nice things about spring as well.

  • The first screech of seagulls.
  • Easter and all the mämmi.
  • Pussy willows.
  • Digging a trench with your boot and watch the puddles get smaller.
  • The first time you have coffee outside and your fingers are numb with the cold, but the sun warms your nose.
  • Brave coltsfoots and wood anemones pushing through the frosty ground.
  • Allergy medicine.
  • That feeling when you walk out of your last exam.

Maybe you can’t choose which spring you’ll have. And that’s ok, you really don’t know how to appreciate the sun that dries before a bus splashes all the gutter water on you.

I’m very happy to announce that we’ll have a Newcomers’ Night in couple of weeks and I hope to see many new faces there (follow our Facebook to learn more).

This issue contains some thought-provoking material, such as articles about the documentary about Finland’s first school shooter, horror movies, minor subject studies, nature writing, literary translation, and stage fright, but luckily as always, we have some lighter topics as well, such as a review of Humanistispeksi and a list of geeky attractions in London.

Welcome back to BTSB!

Yours truly, Kaisa Leino Editor-in-Chief

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