Songs for a Scary Halloween

Yes, that time is upon us once again: Halloween, the hallowest of evens. To that end, the staff of Better Than Sliced Bread have once again compiled a list of song for a really spooky Halloween. So, check them out. The Raconteurs - Carolina Drama


"This isn't really a Halloween song and it isn't really even a scary song either. However, it has an eerie vibe to it throughout the song that is benefited greatly by the fantastic lyrics that tell a story with a chilling ending. The story is told in a way that you can almost imagine it being told around a camp fire in the woods."

Seremonia - Rock'n'Rollin Maailma


"I know, I'm so sorry for a song in Finnish, but this Halloween everyone should be listening to Seremonia. Occultism invades the world as you know it, you start attending a scary Sabbath, flying a Zeppelin and digging Purple. All mail should be forwarded to the dark cemetery or an asylum for the insane after this horrifying flirt with Lucifer. That's the world of rock and roll with cranking guitars and a hilariously campy video to go with it."

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Court of Miracles


"I tried to think of a Halloween(ish) song that's not This Is Halloween by Danny Elfman and, after some trouble, came up with this lively Disney song. While it's not directly about Halloween, it has the mischief and fun I associate with this holiday. Also, skeletons!"

Type O Negative - Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)


"How about some good old tongue-in-cheek TON parody about goths for Halloween? The song is good for parties, it lasts over eleven minutes and talks about Halloween with hilarious lyrics. Every day is Halloween!"

Martin Stig Andersen - Menu (From the Limbo Original Video Game Soundtrack)


"Limbo is one of the scariest games out there. It's the story of a big-headed innocent boy in a scary black-and-white (but mostly black) world where everything is trying to kill him and he needs to find his lost sister. It's an amazing little game, and comes with an extremely creepy soundtrack of spooky ambient. It's enough to make your hair stand on end."

I Hate Sports – Or Do I?

The Deep/Les Abysses by Adam Biles