Songs for a Spooky Halloween

Halloween, officially voted the spookiest time of the year in an election that I just made up in my head! As unsightly ghouls and goblins (or children, as they may prefer to be called) roam the earth in search of tricks and treats, it is only customary that the rest of us get in the mood for a bit of spooky fun. Thus, the staff of Better Than Sliced Bread have yet again compiled for you a list of songs to get you in the proper mood for Halloween! Ghost - Ritual


"Describing itself as a band of nameless ghouls, the prog-powerpop-metal band Ghost is Halloween incarnate. Hailing from the dark land of Sweden, they combine classic 70s guitarwork with Satan and Latin song titles. 'Ritual' pretty much speaks for itself: 'The chapel of ritual smells of dead human sacrifices from the altar bed' It sure does, doesn't it?"

This Is Halloween (from The Nightmare Before Christmas)


"Tim Burton's classic has many catchy, fun songs. My personal favorite is the opening tune which introduces us to the general atmosphere of the story and Halloween Town. Danny Elfman's scores are hauntingly beautiful, but this one is a great party song for a terrifying get-together with friends. Scary is fun, horrible and a little adorable, and no other song says it with the same poetic lyrics as This Is Halloween."

The 69 Eyes - Wages of Sin


"Go goth! One of the 69 Eyes' less known songs, Wages of Sin is from a time when the band had maybe a little more street cred than today. This song belongs on your Halloween playlist."

Selebrities - Living Dead


"Selebrities is a really cool buzzband from New York that none of you have probably heard of, but that's not important right now. What makes 'Living Dead' such a great Halloween tune is that it manages to do goth without any of the cheese. Imagine the early days of The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees, albeit with the lead singer of the two bands having been replaced with a cute little girl. It's the jangly guitars."

Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl


"First song that reminded me of Halloween was, of course, Michael Jackson's Thriller. Then again, I didn't want to pick a song that everyone else would be thinking about aswell, so I decided to go for something that everyone might not have heard. So I decided to pick Rob Zombie's Living Dead Girl (the second choice would've been MC Hammer- Cant Touch This). I just think this song gets you in a perfect mood for Halloween."

Radiohead - A Wolf at the Door


"Awesome band, great song, and a brilliantly creepy film clip that's perfect for Halloween."

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