Songs for a Festive Yuletide

'Tis the season again! Christmas is upon us and as we head towards the end of the year to get some well-deserved rest before the academic year recommences! To celebrate, we here at BTSB would like to present to you some songs to make your holiday season all the more enjoyable! Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)


"It is amazing that although dealing with a somewhat melancholic theme, the Americans have the ability to make the song sound cheery and energetic. In comparison: a Finnish song that deals about decorating the Christmas tree (‘Joulupuu on rakennettu’) could be sung in a funeral and no one could tell the difference. Besides, everyone could use a little Motown spirit for Christmas!"

Hassisen Kone - On jouluyö, nyt laulaa saa


"Sorry people of the English-speaking world, but not one of your artist has ever written a better Christmas song. This song combines harsh realism and criticism of the human condition without succumbing to preaching with the mood and feel of the Christmas night when the TV's on a dead channel, there are still boxes of chocolate to crack and you've just only started the book you got. "On jouluyö, nyt laulaa saa" simply takes me to that place of contemplating peace, love and understanding. There'd be no Christmas without it. The beautiful organ doesn't hurt either. "

Parry Gripp - Disco Christmas in Hamster Land


"I'm one of those people who can't stand Christmas songs so here's a little something from Parry Gripp. I guarantee you this will get stuck in your head and resistance is futile. Give into Disco Christmas. And hamsters."

Basement 5 - Last White Christmas


"Like the person above, I'm not much of a Christmas person, but this song by one of Britain's premier ska-punk bands Basement 5 is at least tangentially related to Christmas. It might not be all that jolly and cheerful, but it's a great example of punk in its early days. Also, down with Thatcher!"

Juice Leskinen - Kuusessa ollaan


"Sadly this is only in Finnish, although the groove doesn't need translation. Leskinen captures the essence of opposing the Christmas traditions and provoking people. At the same time, it's a jolly and a merry song, which boosts my Christmas mood!"

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