An Unpaid Advertisement for Klub! Puskaeskimo

EP out, DYI in, Klub! Puskaeskimo is ON! From the window of our Merihaka headquarters we looked up to the sky and saw the penguin shaped distress signal. Inuit Kunt to the rescue!

(WARNING: Self promotion follows. But we have the editor in our pocket so stop whining and keep reading.)

(Editor's Note: I'm still waiting for those beers you promised me.)

Inuit Kunt. Yes, you read right, the supafreshest band out there has been mentioned. We played our first gig at the SUB Band Night in November. Those of you who were there might remember it as the night when you felt your mind blow. Since then, there’s been plenty of opportunities to catch the Inuit experience again as we have been out and about preaching our gospel: one Christmas single, an EP, a Finnish tour plus a few random gigs. And now our own summer punk club. To crack open the nutshell, read on.

The Finnish punk scene is vibrant. Bands like Kakka-hätä 77 and Pertti Kurikan nimipäivät are making the charts and headlines, and ancient punkmeisters such as Pelle Miljoona Oy and Tumppi Varonen & Problems? are suddenly hitting the road. And that’s only the frosting on the cake, the underground is sizzling. But at the same time there’s a shortage of suitable venues for bands to perform at. There’s Lepakkomies in Kallio which has been a great spot. Recently, however, the ownership was changed, the future’s open and the cretins are getting nervous. There was Factory in Hakaniemi but that’s long dead and gone. But when the going gets tough, the tough pick up their shit and do something about it.

Starting on May 20, Klub! Puskaeskimo will give you a monthly dose of uplifting, uprising, up-and-coming as well as established punk rock acts. There’s going to be a three-band line-up at each Klub! so it’s always going to be a hot summer night full of sweet, sweet punk, hand-picked by Brothers Kunt. Oh, and minifussball. What the hell, you ask. Well, to make the Klub! even more fun we decided that there’s going to be a minifussball tournament at each Klub! before the bands start playing. Keep in mind that, even though there’s a prize for the winner, the most important thing in a minifussball tournament is to have a tough playaname that’s gonna make your opponents crap their long johns.

Our home port of Merihaka was recently nicknamed Punkhaka in Helsingin Sanomat (Nyt-liite 31.3.11). As heartwarming as that was, with the Klub!, we are leaving our turf and canooing downtown all the way to Nosturin Alakerta ( So if you want to catch the big surf you know where to be. No excuses.

In case you’re still not quite sure you should come, let me put it this way: Since BTSB is the medium of choice of the students of English, I would like to remind you that you cannot claim to know jack shit about British culture if you’re not familiar with punk rock. Or table football, for that matter.

You’ll find the exact dates and bands for the Klub!s of May, June, July and August on our Facebook site. The culprits behind all this you’ll find at MySpace and on Facebook. Join, support, dig. Enjoy.

Yours truly, Jarky, Marty & Tommy Kunt

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