Songs of the Fall

With summer now just a memory and the fall term right in front of us the editors of BTSB have yet again mustered up their collective will and compiled a playlist of the most fall-o-rific songs to get you through these ever-darkening days. For extra credits you may try to guess which song was suggested by which member of staff. Blank Dogs - Blurred Tonight

"For some unfathomable reason I've been unable to get this song out of my head for the past couple of weeks or so. Maybe it's the fusion of early 80s dark art-school punk form mixed with modern lo-fi hipster sensibilities, but the song manages to be beautiful in its minimalistic melancholy. Sounds appropriate for the season."


Eagle-Eye Cherry - Save Tonight

"This one’s dedicated to my dog. The reality is finally starting to sink in... No need for other explanations why this is the song I chose to describe the start of my autumn, I believe. (Except, no, nobody’s dying, I hope.)"


Hector - Syyskuu

"This rather minimalistic song perfectly captures the feel of yellowing leaves, misty rain and sitting by candlelight when the evening grow darker and the winter creeps closer. Further, it describes traveling to libraries to read obscure works by long-dead authors, being thus quite suited for your run-of-the-mill humanist. Quaintly leftist-romantic, Syyskuu is best served with a glass of cheap red wine and a contemplative atmosphere."


Ruth Pointer - Streets of Gold

"This fun song is about making the most of what you've got with great style and panache. This applies to life in general, but you can also turn to this tune for much needed confidence when you start working on an essay five hours before the deadline. Plus it's the 80s and Disney (Oliver & Company) brought together, what more could you possibly want?"


St. Vincent- Your Lips Are Red

"Annie Clark's voice is simply gorgeous, it's fair and pure. But there's something mysterious, even dangerous behind her voice as well as her lyrics. I love this song because I feel like I can find new layers and meanings behind the words and sounds even after listening to it over and over again. The song is perfect for the taxi ride when you're going home after a great night with someone you like, your dress all crooked and your head spinning from all the dancing and laughing. It leaves you feeling full of life, and at the same time full of still serious Autumn serenity."


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