Songs of Summer

Thinking of the approaching summer instantly reminds me of the peaceful evenings spent at the Finnish Archipelago listening only to the flapping of the waves against the shores. Of course there are other things to listen to as well. Here’s a collection of some of the songs the staff of BTSB is going to listen to this summer. You might even find a new song for your Spotify playlist or whatever you use to listen to music, so do check these out. YouTube links and some explanations by the staff provided. Atmosphere - Sunshine

“In all its simplicity, Sunshine” from Atmosphere's Sad Clown Bad Summer EP” is the quintessential summer song for me. Including such classic summer phenomena as hangovers, riding bikes, ladies in summer dresses and treats for kids, there's just no better way to start a sunny morning (or afternoon, or whenever you feel like waking up) than this song. “



Craft Spells - After the Moment

“This song is made of rainbows, sunshine and awesome. A combination of sunny new wave and bittersweet dream pop makes Craft Spells' entire 2011 album 'Idle Labor' a perfect addition to the playlist of any summer party. 'After the Moment' is simply the best the album has to offer and simply listening to it makes me feel happy and warm. It's the perfect song to act as the soundtrack for beach parties, but its sweetly romantic lyrical content also makes it a great song for those nights spent in with someone special, whether just a summer fling or a long-term partner.”



Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi

“It's catchy, upbeat and the lyrics are silly just as I plan my summer to be. It's a song from a performer that doesn't take himself too seriously which makes it perfect for the times when I decide to throw my school books away and frolic in a leafy park like the child I used to be.”



Gary Go - Wonderful

“I just simply love this song. It always makes me feel like dressing up in a summery dress and go dancing in the streets singing along. It’s maybe not the most positive song there is, but the lyrics are supportive and sweet. I can almost feel both my self-respect as well as my self-confidence rising with every beat. I am wonderful. Thank you Eurovision Song Contest 2011 for making me notice this song.”



LCMDF - Beach Life

“Yeah, sure it's hipster. Of course it's hipster, what else could it be? Summer is all about being a hipster. Well, at least the summer in the city is. You can't avoid being a little hipsteristisch-... You know, when strolling around the city with your bike or with your converses or loafers. Plus this song makes me happy and carefree, it's my song.”


Freedom + Speedos = Summer

BTSB Staff Summer Bingo