Freedom + Speedos = Summer

So, another awesome issue of an awesome webzine is coming up. One day before the deadline I, once again, haven't written anything. I think I've been busy, but hell, isn't everyone ”busy” nearly every day of the year? We always have better things to do than write poetry, essays, or take care of our children. Those better things are usually served in pints with icecubes. Summer is the time of the year when everyone is especially busy, busy relaxing, swetting and drinking. No time for anything that requires more than level two intelligence. That's exactly what I love about summer. The thing is, as I have no idea what I'm actually going to write, I'm going Virginia Woolf on you guys. There's actually a pretty weird mark on my wall, but I'll get back to it.

Summer. Summer is the time of the year when students hang around with their friends at the beach and get wasted every day. Oh-so-clearly-illegal girls in bikinis and miniskirts are everywhere, and the shirtless fat guy rollerblading around the town in blue speedos is a clear sign of what summer is truly about: freedom. Freedom to be fat, freedom to be shirtless, and freedom to wear damn tight banana hammocks in public. The conservative, uptight Finland of the cold winter days is gone in a blink of an eye as soon as the heat kicks in.

Of course, knowing how the Finnish people behave in general, this drastic change might be helped a tiny bit by the massive consumption of beer. King Ale rules the land during the summer days, as pretty much everyone from teenage girls to 80 year old turtles drag their own bodyweight's worth of beer out of the local grocery store. It's actually funny that the newspapers report that dehydration caused by the heat threatens the lives of the elderly people of the country, but no one wants to ban people over 60 from buying alcohol. That's another clear case of summer idealism: we are free to do whatever the hell we want during the summer. Who the hell cares if we might die doing as we please, as long as we can actually choose what to do?

I'm going to spend a hefty portion of my ”vacation” studying for exams, and after I'm done with the exams in the end of July, I'll be working for a month while getting ready to guide the next patch of freshmen (oh my God, my freshman years are over soon). All this because I can! Well, more like because I'm a lamer, but still. Who cares if I lose my mind, I'm free to do as I please. I might even wear speedos while I study. I hope you all enjoy the summer to the fullest, just beware of old folks going topless at the beach. You might not be able to live with the sight, or you might end up liking it. Can't say which is worse. Over and out.

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