No More Candy Cotton Castles

A horrible nightmare woke me up in the middle of the night. In the dream I found myself sitting in a room full of people somewhere in Helsinki. Everybody was, for some reason, staring at some kind of a cipher written on a large screen on the wall. I couldn't understand any of it. Then I heard the question ”who wants to be the editor of BTSB?” and suddenly felt someone or something grabbing my arm and raising it slowly towards the ceiling. It was some weird red-haired woman sitting next to me. After that a short applause followed and then... there was nothing more than darkness. Now that I've become, more or less, a minion of the Dark Lord as BTSB's new co-editor, I thought I should clarify a few things right off the bat. Judging by my first few pieces of input, someone might actually believe that I'm a genuinely nice guy who likes to write sugarcoated stories and poems about bunnie-wabbits living in castles made of bubblegum. Half of that is actually true. I do like writing, but I'm by no means a nice guy. Now that I actually have to write for BTSB continuously, and not only when I have something nice to say (which is 2 times a year), I'm going to have to unleash the pessimistic little troll that I really am. Just wanted to give everyone who doesn't know me a little heads-up.

Having read some of the old captain Renholm's works, I realise I will definitely bring something different to the table: first of all, I'm going to write poems, whether you dislike them or hate them. I also promise to write articles that are a bit more approachable, since my vocabulary and wits in general are still at the freshman level (what the hell does ”cultural consciousness” mean?). To make things clear, that's the level when you don't even know what epic means yet. So, those of you that are either stupid or partly illiterate, or those who just haven't learned English yet might actually feel quite comfortable reading my grim prose.

As an ending to this ramble I would like to challenge each and every one of you, especially my fellow freshmen, to seriously consider whether you could spare a moment of your time to write about something close to your heart and make BTSB's future editions even more awesome (I had to use the word somewhere!). I know there are several freshmen out there who actually enjoy writing and even have the time for it. If we all work together, perhaps some day a person we haven't forced or bribed will intentionally find his way to the website, instead of just having horribly misspelled BBW in a google-search.

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