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Dear Diary, did the start of Uni turn me into an alcoholic?

I'll start off with a quick recap of the orientation week (the next couple sentences are quite effective cliffnotes of the whole story): I was drunk. Everyone else around me was drunk. I met cool new people. Then I woke up on a Sunday morning in Espoo after two hours of sleep with a taste in my mouth that somehow reminded me of crap. I had a blast.

9.9 around 8.30 am: I just woke up and somehow I realized life is good. Sweet. Back to sleep. 9.9. 11.10 am: I just realized I'm broke and I probably can't afford my appartment for much longer. In addition, the chicken fillets I bought have gone bad and they cost something like a fifth of my whole budget. I also have a couple hundred worth of bills waiting on my desk. Sweet. Wish I could sleep some more 9.9. 12.01 pm: Why the hell is my bus always late? Bus 23 has been late every single time I've ever taken it to go to school except for that one time when it was two minutes early and I missed it. Why do they make schedules they cannot follow? 10.9. 10.25 am: We are off to Tallinn. I probably slept 2 hours last night but I feel like today's gonna be totally awesome. Or horrible. Either way. 10.9. 10.31 am: We just got free candy and booze on the boat, so life seems a bit brighter than usual right now. 10.9. 3.02 pm: Oh God. We actually made it. After enjoying a (rather romantic) Royal Indian Dinner together with Joel for 50euros (I just love the taste of expensive when I have 21 cents in my bank account) we realized we were in a serious hurry. The girls got us a cab to take us to Superalco, and half an hour later we were (or the others were, actually) over 500 euros poorer and swetting all over the place, trying to complete a half-marathon while carrying a truckload of alcohol each. We made it to the boat merely 15 minutes late and with some flirtatious begging from the girls they actually let us on board. Hoorah! 10.9. 4.43 pm: The boat just arrived over ten minutes late, thanks to our awesome group. After we had poured a quarter of the drinks all over the terminal and a cider-can sprayed half of its contents all over some poor, innocent woman, we finally got the drinks into a car. We then decided to let the elderly students take care of the rest and sat down in a nearby park to have a tasting of some cheap, Estonian fruitliquers. Life was good, until the rain started. Oh well.

14.9. 9.57 am: I just missed my bus and I'm sitting in the rain, hoping to get to the most boring lecture of all time before I miss out on anything important. Gotta love translation studies. Anyway, I ”forgot” to write about our awesome Freshmen Party on Monday so I'll get to it now. I spent three hours sitting in the rain under a tree. My overalls are muddy and my new shoes are probably ruined for good. A couple of freshmen from the last groups of the evening told me I wasn't exactly acting like the nicest guy in the world when they arrived at our checkpoint, to put it nicely. Hmm, I wonder why. Well, atleast I had a friend with me to share the fun! Anyway, I managed to get adequately hammered in the end, thanks to all the free drinks sponsored by our lovely freshmen. I also got free candy, hugs and even a kiss (from a guy, of course), so again, life was good. The afterparty was where the real fun started, it's just too bad I kind of missed the first hour or two completely, being too wasted to actually register what was happening around me. Thus I also missed most of the rather homoerotic plays of the freshmen, but I've been told they were amazing. After the first couple of hours I experienced a resurrection and finally unleashed myself on the dancefloor. Epic, swetty dancing and a great bunch of people made it a night to remember. By the way, the awesome lecture I mentioned earlier just started.

15.9. morning: Wow. It was pretty interesting to wake up at around 7.30am to see there's a guy standing behind my window holding a large roll of orange duct tape. I live on the fourth floor and he was yelling at someone beneath him that my window is open. I was waiting for him to jump inside to murder me with the duct tape and carry out my precious, decades old TV, and I was pretty sure I would wake up from my dream pretty soon. Well, he didn't jump inside. Weird. He just duct taped my window shut and disappeared upwards, towards the heaven, like an angel. When I left for school at around 9.50am I noticed the guy was still there, so it really wasn't a dream, and he wasn't actually flying in the air. I guess they were doing some kind of facade repair.

28.9. 2011 2.43 pm: Wow. It's been a while. I wasn't capable of writing anything during the weekend, but I'm going to give a recap of everything I can remember. First of all, Friday the 23rd it was time for yet another awesome Freshmen party, this time arranged by Humanisticum. Things took a turn for the worst immediately when I arrived at our check-point with a friend: no one else was there and the weather was once again horrible. I had thought there would be atleast 20 SUB-members and other students from the department of Modern Languages alike, but it was just the two of us and I really just wanted to turn around and run. Well, after a wait that felt like years we finally got some company and the first freshmen showed up as well. We were a handful of people and we set up a course mimicing the end of the Second World War, where the Allied forces of the West and the Soviet forces of the East were racing towards Berlin, rope skipping and trash bag hopping through the land. After taking over Berlin the two forces joined together in a moment of artistic expression, and we saw some interesting plays and heard some rather unique songs. The shows included a play about the forces of The Great Kerava taking over the rest of the world with nothing but knives, alcohol and ferocious kicking as their weapons. We also saw an amazing, perhaps a little lower budget version of the Eurovision song contest. After the shows the freshmen were free to bribe us with candy and alcohol, and thankfully many did exactly that. Like always, the best part of the evening was without a doubt the afterparty. I, once again, managed to get quite hammered and actually gained a reputation as a kangaroo-hunter from the land down under. I also met a girl who spoke English with a perfect Arnold Schwarzenegger accent, and she actually remembered all the famous quotes as well. Awesome times. Meeting new people from different majors and different departments of the faculty was a blast, and actually quite refreshing, as most of the parties I attend are usually filled with people I already know (even though I obviously love you guys).

Since this is already pretty tl;dr I won't write anything more. Hopefully atleast one of you managed to read this ramble. Have an awesome autumn!

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