Recipe For a Great Party

a Recipe For a Great Party First and foremost I would like to thank our very own party organizers for doing an amazing job. Last spring the future of SUB was looking rather gloomy for a while, as both of our party representatives had to resign from their posts. For a time that seemed like forever, no one showed any interest in taking upon themselves this mountain of responsibility. Suddenly, out of nowhere, two angels appeared and stepped up to the plate. The election was quick and unanimous and our organization was finally back on track. Ever since that day these two amazing girls have organized events with an iron grip and a beautiful smile on their faces, and ever since that day the members of SUB, including yours truly, have experienced unforgettable awesome events.

What many people might fail to understand is just simply how challenging organizing a great party is. It obviously takes time and money to get things right, but having those two covered is nowhere near enough. More than anything, it's simply hard work and a lot of help is needed. Sure, there are two people in the board called ”party representatives”, but they can't get everything done by themselves. It is not humanly possible.

Two people simply cannot organize a party for close to a hundred people in a short time. Especially things like preparing the food, decorating the place, selling tickets, taking care of the music and cleaning up afterwards (which people probably dread the most) are tasks that atleast a dozen of peole are needed for, and thankfully many fellow SUB-members regularly volunteer for these duties. I truly hope the community will stay like this for years to come.

Pitching in might not seem like such an important thing, but think about a party were help was not around and everything was organized poorly. Most of us have or atleast will attend one of those kinds of parties eventually, and it's not going to be pretty. A sitsit with no decorations and no dj with a handful of people dancing to a song played from Youtube that crashes every 5 seconds because of the crappy mobile broadband connection might still be fun with the right people around you, but it's not exactly something to strive for.

A lack of helping hands is a serious problem, but sometimes things go wrong simply because some aspects of the event have not been thoroughly thought of. For example, the 2011 iNMatES was an epic adventure itself, but there was one major flaw in the organization of the sitsit: everything was in Finnish. The two hosts of the night spoke only Finnish on the stage and the songs were proposed in Finnish as well. This was quite odd considering the hall was filled with English students and especially if we take into consideration the fact that there were atleast a dozen exchange students in the crowd who could barely understand a word of what was said around them.

To sum things up, I'm just really glad I can be a member of an organization that actually works together to get things done and to put together some amazing events. Amazing parties are not about drinking, not about eating, and not about dancing either. Amazing parties are about amazing people getting together to take a break from the humdrum life of the ever-so-scary adulthood.

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