It's Time To Say Goodbye

As some of you may already be aware of, SUB has elected its new board for the year 2013, and one of the things that stands out in the new SUB board is the conspicuous absence of one BTSB Editor in Chief position. You see, after a lot of behind the scenes political wrangling and lots of meetings in smokey rooms (including at least one very smokey room next to Alina after a particularly nice academic dinner party) it was decided that BTSB as it stands does not require more than one Editor in Chief. Combined with the fact that I am getting dangerously close to actually graduating at some point in the future, it was deemed appropriate that I, the old man who's been at the reins of BTSB for longer than anyone can remember, step down. What this means is that Kaisa Leino, my comrade in arms during the past two years of running BTSB and the greatest other Editor in Chief one could hope to work with, will be taking up the post of BTSB's sole Editor in Chief, hopefully bringing forward a reign of iron-fisted tyranny and terror. (You know, the sort of a run I would've liked to have, if it weren't for politics.)

I fear that this is turning into one of those articles where an old dude gets all dramatic about his achievements, so let's have a Cliff's Notes version of my tenure as Editor in Chief: I believe it was in 2010 that I started as Editor in Chief alongside Maria Koistinen, with whom we ran a pretty tight ship. Before then, BTSB had been all but abandoned by all but its two remaining members of staff, and through some wrangling and threats Maria and I managed to hook in a few contributors who would go on to become mainstays of BTSB's staff (I'm mainly referring to Esko, Kaisa and Kristiina, all of whom are still actively taking part in the inner workings of BTSB). The year 2011 brought upon the departure of Maria Koistinen and the introduction of Kaisa Leino as my partner in crime, and it was during this year that BTSB began its first efforts to become a self-contained entity within SUB, with a regular staff, meetings, themed issues and the whole shebang. 2011 was the year when BTSB consolidated itself as its own thing. It was also the year when we first made an attempt to change our website's appearance to something a bit more modern. The less said about that the better.

Now we're in 2012 and finally past the terrible layout change of 2011 (Seriously, what were we thinking?) the time has come once again to turn a page in the history of BTSB. However, my stepping down from the position of Editor in Chief does not mean that my journey with BTSB is over. Far from it. During this last year (yeah, right) of my studies I still intend to bring joy into the hearts of all members of SUB with my errant writings. It has come time to say goodbye, but not for good.

Forever Yours, Patrik Renholm Former Editor in Chief of Better Than Sliced Bread Master of Inappropriate Ways to End a Message

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