A Seasonal Greeting From Better Than Sliced Bread

The year is almost over and it is time for the staff of Better Than Sliced Bread to bid you a happy holiday season and a happy coming year! This year was definitely a defining one for BTSB. Not only did we indoctrinate a number of new editors into our staff, but we also took up a more rigorous schedule for releases. The staff of BTSB is going to keep on trying to improve upon the zine. While our other main editor, Niko Pasanen, is leaving his position, he will be undoubtedly delighting us with poetry in the coming months to help us brave our way through the rigors of an academic life.

Taking the place of Niko Pasanen as BTSB's other main editor is Kaisa Leino, a prolific and active contributor to BTSB for well over a year now and one whose head is filled with great visions of a brighter future for BTSB.

With all that said, we look forward to the next year of BTSB and wish you all happy holidays of whichever religious/sacrilegious denomination you may belong to!

Forever yours,

Patrik Renholm

Editor in Chief of BTSB

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