Editorial: Greetings, Mortals!

A brand spanking new Better Than Sliced Bread is here: not only have we recently updated the appearance of our website to look ever so slightly less internet 1.0 than before, but we've also got copious amounts of new features and stuff coming this year. For now, however, let's focus on the things at hand: many of you reading this right now are (hopefully) new freshmen of English philology, sent here at the urging of your benevolent tutors. Surely you must be wondering what Better Than Sliced Bread is. Well, Better Than Sliced Bread is, to put it simply, SUB's very own webzine, run by students of English philology for students of English philology. At the moment BTSB's editorial staff consists of some half a dozen regular editors and a number of contributors who contribute on a less regular basis. BTSB is a general interests magazine with no focus beyond what is relevant to the interests of students of English philology. Therefore, on this website you may find articles on such a wide variety of subjects as cars, superheroes, music, literature, language and, of course, dinosaurs. If you consider yourself an intrepid reporter or a budding prosaist, do contact us and watch the SUB mailing list for BTSB-related spam!

Within these past two years, with me essentially in charge of the magazine, BTSB has striven to become even more relevant to the average student of English philology. This year we intend to make it happen in full force. Stay tuned! Oh, yeah, and welcome to English philology! It's a pretty cool subject!

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