BTSB Presents: Excerpts from The SUB Board Friendbook, pt. 1

SUB, for those of you who don't know already, is the student organization for students of English philology at the university of Helsinki, and the source of Better Than Sliced Bread's yearly income. To celebrate the beginning of a new term BTSB would like to get you to know your local student politicians. Since there are a whopping 20 members on the board, this instalment will only cover the first 10 and we have been forced to leave out some of the information. Name: Oscar Andersson Position in SUB: President Hair colour: Brown Distinctive features: Stretch marks on my back + happy feet Class: Awesome Hobbies: PC-gaming (Total War, RPG's), long walks I admire: My mother This is HOT: Ashton Kutcher ...this is NOT: T-shirts My beauty tip: Form your hair while it's wet My tip for staying fit:Running up the stairs at Metsis My biggest dream: To one day dance naked at Alina Best styling hit: Brushing your teeth Worst styling no-go: Baggy pants Name: Satu Lassila Position in SUB: Secretary Hair colour: Brown Class: '07 Hobbies: Scrapbooking, watching tv-shows Favourite music: Broadway musicals I admire: Idina Menzel and the rest of the Wicked cast This is HOT: Self-confidence ...this is NOT: Being self-centered My biggest dream: To be happy ever after Best styling hit: Matching Spice Girls shirts Worst styling no-go: leggings as pants


Name: Patrik Johannes Renholm Position in SUB: Editor of BTSB Hair colour: BLACK AS THE DARKEST NIGHT Eye colour: GREEN/BLUE/GRAY AS THE GREENEST FIELD/DEEPEST OCEAN/GRAYEST BORING THING DEPENDING ON WHO YOU'RE ASKING Distinctive features/characteristics: Black clothes, obscure 80's goth band t-shirt, a bucketload of trivia about band featured on aforementioned shirt Hobbies: Playing Dungeons and Dragons with my homies and playing bass in a cool goth band you've never even heard of. Favourite music: Post-punk/new wave/minimal wave/coldwave/now you're just making shit up-wave This is HOT: Skinny jeans and winkle-pickers ...this is NOT: Platform boots and baggy trousers My beauty secret: BATHE IN THE BLOOD OF VIRGINS EVERY DAY #gothasfuck Best styling hit: What? Worst styling no-go: No, seriously, what?

Name: Niko Pasanen Position in SUB: Editor of BTSB Hair colour: Blonde Distinctive features: Nipples Class: Wat? Hobbies: Gym I admire: Miksu, pirates This is HOT: Overalls, suspenders ...this is NOT: Hairy women Favourite assecories:My yellow cap with a red ponytail attatched My biggest dream: To achieve the stage of unbelievable awesomeness Best styling hit: A woman wearing white pants Worst styling no-go: A man wearing white pants


Name: Lotta Suikkanen Position in SUB: Webmaster Hair colour: Auburnish brown Distinctive features/ characteristics: Total inability to pronounce the word literature Hobbies: Reading, watching movies and tv-series I admire: Siri Hustvedt, Quentin Tarantino, Anna-Leena Härkönen This is HOT: Geekiness, Nathan Fillion, True Bloodthis is NOT: Narrow-mindedness, cruelty Favourite outfit: Anything worn with biker boots, dresses My biggest dream: Maybe someday writing a book Best styling hit: Wearing something you're comfortable in Worst styling no-go: Shoes, skirts etc you can't do anything in


Name: Kerttu Kaikkonen Position in SUB: Information Coordinator Hair colour: Reddish brown Distinctive features: Glasses, septum Class: 09 Hobbies: Horseback riding, agility, movies, music I admire: Bravery, independency This is HOT: Being cool ...this is NOT: Acting like an idiot My biggest dream: To be living somewhere in the U.K. (SCOTLAND<3) Best styling hit: Jewelry & shoes Worst styling no-go: Not knowing how to walk on high heels


Name: Mika Niemi Position in SUB: Clubs Hair colour: Brown Distinctive features: Tusinahumanistin parta Class: -08 Favourite subject: Guinness Hobbies: Movies, music, soccer This is HOT: Red hairthis is NOT: Harem pants My biggest dream: Waking up between Bob Dylan and Neil Young Best styling hit: Makee kotsa Worst styling no-go: Ashton Kutcher



Name: Pilvi Kirppu a.k.a. Flea McCloud Position in SUB: Culture Hair colour: Red Distinctive characteristics: Loud, echoing laughter Hobbies: Muzaac, dancing, RPGs, dog training, goofing around I admire: My mom and people who find something funny about anything This is HOT: Lava, fire, ovens when heated up ...this is NOT: Icebergs and my toes in winter My biggest dream: My own detached house and a huge trampoline Best styling hit: Attitude Worst styling no-go: Not dressing according to one's age



Name: Fabio Thunder (Fanni Dunderberg) Position in SUB: Mom (spring) Hair colour: Somewhere between red and blond Distinctive features: Nose Hobbies: Cikling ja drinking Favourite music: Spice Girls I admire: Mostly myself My beauty tip: Showering every six months My biggest dream: Be very rich when big Best styling hit: No hitting on the stylish Worst styling no-go: Leggings are not pants



Name: Mia Lavanti Position in SUB: Party person Hair colour: Blonde Distinctive features: Venytetyt korvat Class: '10 Hobbies: Soccer This is HOT: Ashton Kutcher ...this is NOT: Old men with pot bellies Favourite outfit: Overalls! My beauty secret: Beer goggles! My biggest dream: To graduate Best styling hit: Flask Worst styling no-go: Greasy hair




Name: Minttu Aarniovuori Position in SUB: Party person Hair colour: Blonde Distinctive features: Blonde and cute Hobbies: Running, forgetting things This is HOT: Ashton Kutcher, Alexander Skarsgårdthis is NOT: Zac Efron, eww My biggest dream: To graduate and be happy! Best styling hit: Boob job Worst styling no-go: Marilyn wig

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