BTSB Presents: Excerpts from the SUB Board Friendbook, pt. 2

Name: Klaus Miikka Tapani Nuotto Position in SUB: Working LifeHair colour: Chocolate brown Distinctive features: Umm, skinny boy with pictures on skin Class: freshman of 2009 Favourite teacher: Jörgen Svensson (Swedish @ the language centre) Hobbies: music (playing and listening), cycling I admire: people who get things done in time This is HOT: lava … and this is NOT: ice My beauty secret: smiling works My tip for staying fit: cycle to school/work/everywhere My biggest dream: to become a rock star ;) Best styling hit: crocs with socks Worst styling no-go: apron with loafers


Name: Naukkis Position in SUB: Mom (autumn) Height: probably more than you Hair colour: something between brown and strawberry blond Distinctive features: hahaha no need to explain this part Class: middle class? ;) Hobbies: sports I guess.. and lots of other time wasters Favourite food and drink: sushi? hard to decide! and milk :) not together though! I admire: confident stylish people This is HOT: red overalls ...and this is NOT: any other color of overalls Favourite outfit: overalls Favourite assecories*: patches My biggest dream: to move out of HOAS one day Best styling hit: I'll go with overalls again Worst styling no-go: no overalls at all!


Name: Timo Talola Position in SUB: Treasurer Hair colour: Light brown Distinctive features or characteristics: Yes Class: of 2016 Hobbies: Golf, Music Favourite food and drink: Smoked salmon, Coffee Favourite music: Chisu I admire: Keith Richards This is HOT: My band … and this is NOT: My job Favourite outfit: Shirt and trousers Favourite assecories*: Earrings My beauty secret: Money My tip for staying fit: Student budget My biggest dream: World peace Best styling hit: My hair Worst styling no-go: Hipsterism


*original spelling


Name: Mara Suikanen Position in SUB: Member Registry Height: Too little Hair colour: black Distinctive features: Awesome sexay beardy! Kauluspaidat, awesome sexay glasses. Aqualung. Awesome sexay mask, maybe. Hobbies: Dataus, feilaus, TST Favourite music: Progressive folk metal I admire: Stephen Colbert, Ronnie James Dio This is HOT: Unusual noses ... and this is not: oma etureppu My biggest dream: To organize NMES trips all through the year for money. Best styling hit: Reisitaskuhousut Worst styling no-go: Helmet hair


Name: Miika Tenhunen Position in SUB: Sports and Recreation Hair colour: Blonde Distinctive features: Glasses and an amis moustache Hobbies: ampumapaini, kuopsuttelu I admire: skillfully rolled Swiss rolls This is HOT: Neon colours, Niko ... this is NOT: three wolves and a moon Favourite outfit: Less is more Favourite assecories: suspenders/speedos My beauty secret: man-scaping My biggest dream: an eternal tan Best styling hit: underwear on top of jeans Worst styling no-go: Sperm stains on the pants of a kindergarten manager.


Unfortunately the following members did not make it to present themselves, but are still very much actively part of everything going on in Sub: Anna Kamula (Vice President and Relations), Toni Raukola (Freshmen and Tutors), Milla Rämö (Facilities) and Maria Aaltio (Studies). Many thanks again to Pilvi Kirppu for compiling these!

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