BTSB Sports: Interview with Englannin Maajoukkue

Better Than Sliced Bread conducted an interview with team representative and star striker Mika Niemi after an impressive 2-2 tie against MopSi in Töölö last Wednesday. Mika, what's your preliminary analysis on the day's game? What gives? - The decisive factor was certainly the lack of firepower! There were balls bouncing off the posts and the crossbar, but only two goals a side.

How do you see the strengths and weaknesses of the assembled team? - I'd see it as our biggest strength that we're so bored of the tragic plays of Shakespeare that we leave the diving film star aspect of the game to our opponents. For us it's the attitude that counts. The weakness of the team must be the sudden realization at half time that some exercise might do us good!

What can we expect from Englannin maajoukkue for the rest of the season? - When it comes to Englannin maajoukkue, everything is possible. You might  get a glimpse of the SUB president running after the ball like never before. You might see students no matter how old blending together. And if you're in the team, you might even see us naked in the shower after the match, wow!

The white game outfit is rather nondescript - as team fashionista Miksu Tenhunen will certainly confirm. When is it time to design and get new jerseys? - The white resembles our pure souls. Clean as a dove! No changes needed.

Can you inform new readers on the past success of Englannin maajoukkue? - Past success? We once got a corner kick at the end of a match! Seriously, two years back we finished third in the indoor football league.

How about a word on the players present today? - Today it was very pleasant to see two freshmen, Petteri and Lucas, joining our squad. I encourage everyone to do the same!

Thank you very much Mr. Niemi and both congrats and better luck for the next game.

Esko Suoranta for BTSB Sports

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