SUBliminal Messages: Englannin Maajoukkue

The 2010 season for the real English national team was a disappointment and our goal is to emulate the success of the great mother land. Job well done boys and girls! Englannin Maajoukkue is the football team, sponsored by SUB, for the English students at the University of Helsinki. The leading doctrine for Englannin Maajoukkue has always been that it is all inclusive and we have been happy to see a lot of new faces in the team this fall. Although we are not as exclusive as our namesakes back in the motherland, our success has somewhat followed their example; that is to say, we haven’t enjoyed much of it – But I bet we’ve had a lot more fun! On our first match day we had a double fixture, as we played against Hämäläinen osakunta and TF Boys. In the first game we overpowered our opponents with a stunning 6-1 home win. The second fixture of the day was a tough test resembling last spring’s Barcelona - Inter Milan Champions League semi-finals with the more skilled side dominating the game and the other parking a huge bus in front of the goal. Needless to say, we were the ones in the parking lot. Alas, this time it was the more skilled side that took the points with a 2-1 victory over us. But it was a valiant, unselfish effort from our backline. We didn’t get many chances in the game but still we managed to lead most through the game with Valtteri scoring a fabulous goal that would overshadow Gareth Bale’s Wednesday strikes (

The third and deciding match was a tough one, since we needed three points to qualify. Again, what we lacked in qumaajoukkue.jpgality we made up for in spirit. Against a more skilled opponent, made up of future doctors, we tackled and battled, but after the first half we were trailing 1-2. Mixu scored with a brilliant finish that left the goalkeeper stranded. We improved our game in the second half, but were unable to come up with the needed goals despite creating more than a few scoring opportunities. Thus, we left the pitch with a disappointing 1-2 loss.

In spite of a disappointing campaign we are optimistic about the future. The futsal season starts November 12th and as always we are full of confidence: This is the tournament that will inspire the next generation to nostalgically shout “Remember 2010!”

Futsal schedule: 12.11. Friday @ 12:00 17.11. Wednesday @ 10:15 24.11. Wednesday @ 12:05 (08.12. Wednesday @ 11:10) <- not sure yet

Games are played at Kumpulan Liikuntakeskus, Väinö Auerin katu 11.

Here’s Your chance to play for Englannin Maajoukkue!

Mika Niemi                     Jukka Kinnunen

SUB Board Member          Number 9

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