BTSB: Never Fearing Deadlines

As with any project that features tightly-enforced deadlines, the editors of BTSB will occasionally find themselves in a situation where the deadline is closing in and nothing has been done yet. This may or may not be one such occasion.

What is there for one to do when the deadline is closing in and there is not a single idea to take up? One could simply do nothing, hoping that the complete non-effort will go unnoticed by people. One may write something, whatever comes to one's mind first. One may even choose to combine these seemingly incompatible ideas: write something that actually says nothing, such as a meta-textual analysis of deadlines when one is actually working on a deadline. The third option is by far the most sensible choice, as it frees the writer of the painful awareness of not having actually contributed anything to the discussion, but at the same time frees one of having to actually think deep about what one is writing.

With all that said, we present to you yet another issue of Better Than Sliced Bread, carefully crafted and no signs of sloppy writing apparent.

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