BTSB: Culture Schmulture

For those of you who were not aware of it, the now traditional HUKU culture weeks arranged by Humanisticum took place this month. Many brilliant expressions of culture took place and it felt only natural for us to do a special issue on culture. Writing a headline on a topic as broad as culture is a daunting task, since almost everything can be considered culture or forms of cultural expressions. When you could easily write about anything one finds that they really have nothing to write about. We could discuss the inherent badness of the Star Wars prequels and how calling them "not so bad" should be considered a crime on the level of murder, arson and not knowing how to match colours. We could discuss our western culture's obsession with shock, terror and horror, which occasionally manifests as, to give an example from no one's life in particular, us purchasing games which we have no hope of finishing simply because the first five minutes are too scary and some people just enjoy sleeping with their lights on, okay? We could even discuss the very definition of culture, a task so intimidating that it is better left to the philosophers.

Instead, we would like to let the material submitted by you do the talking and present to you an issue equal parts visually appealing and nice to read.

Yours truly,

BTSB's Editor In Chief Patrik Renholm

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