BTSB: A Refuge For the Tardy

Since the March issue of BTSB revolves so heavily around time and the passing of it, itseems only appropriate for it be coming out in April.

Lateness, as we all know, is the pleasure and privilege of students. It is with us in all aspects of our brief (or not-so-brief) student lives: we guiltily sneak into the backs of lecture halls in medias res, blush ever so slightly as we hand the overdue books to a disapproving librarian, sneak around the Department corridors like that creepy little midget in Mission: Impossible to turn papers in late.

As with all the pleasures in life, moderation is the key here. Letting things slide a bit every now and then is one thing, chucking your self-discipline altogether is another. Then again, there is the option of becoming That Person Who's Always Late. You know, the one who gets invited places 15 to 30 minutes before everyone else, so that no one has to wait around for them. BTSB encourages occasional tardiness, but being late is a subtle art and there's an etiquette: job interviews, first dates, movies theaters? Unacceptable. Parties? Expected. Nothing is more annoying than a guest who is right on time.

That being said, being constantly late is not an attractive quality in a person, but for us students it is a small luxury that we know is not going to be around forever. As our carefree youths slip from our grasps, being late becomes less and less acceptable. Most of us land jobs where staying up late, sleeping in and stretching deadlines will become a thing of the past. The luxury of running late should be relished, now, while we can.

Belatedly yours,

Maria Koistinen and Patrik Renholm Editors

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