BTSB: Party All the Time

The time for partying is at hand again. As SUB takes another leap forward and celebrates its conception with another annual dinner party, so does BTSB get in the festive mood and let its hair down.

As the old saying goes, studying hard calls for partying hard. The student life is filled with so much stress, uncertainty and hard thinking that on occasion it is only befitting that one should chillax with fellow academics. As the writers of BTSB are nothing less than paragons of academic achievement it goes without saying that we are also party animals par excellence. It is thus only appropriate that the members of our staff share with you our expertise on matters related to partying.

This issue has been written with thoughts towards partying hard in mind. It is our sincerest wish that you find material within these pages worth considering when next you choose to embark upon a quest to party.

Partying like it's 1999,BTSB staff

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