BTSB: Branded

If the staff of Better Than Sliced Bread were to choose four words that best describe BTSB the said words would be hand-picked for unity in sound and form, not only to strengthen the brand of BTSB but also to sate our love for alliteration and other sound devices that is so typical of us English majors. The words would thus be Intelligence, Integrity, Intuition and, er, Intonation, I guess.

BTSB's brand is one built around the common ground between the majority of its writers and readers: being an English major. Now, no matter what you may think you know of English majors, they are a varied bunch and thus BTSB is representative of only a minority of people studying English in Finland. If one were to build a model English major in the vein of Dr. Victor Frankenstein based simply on the content of BTSB the said chimeric creature would have at its disposal the weapons of geekery, cars, dinosaurs and a smattering of English literature.

While this may have the unforeseen effect of making our brand very schizophrenic we here at BTSB believe that it is our strength: with the varied interests of our small clique of expert writers (whose ranks even you may join by getting in touch, hint hint) we may cater to the extremely varied tastes of people insane enough to choose English as a major. That is our brand promise here at BTSB.

Marketably yours, Maria Koistinen and Patrik Renholm, Editors

BTSB: A Refuge For the Tardy