BTSB: Hobbies and Interests

Everyone's got one. Most people have more. They define who we are as people. They are the things that most matter to us. They are other things that merit extremely verbose statements that while having a certain measure of truth to them are actually empty in informational value. Hobbies and interests. Such a broad subject for anyone to tackle, as there are as many varied interests as there are people. Some people listen to music, some people make music and yet others endlessly criticize other people's music.  Some read, some write. Some can't spell the the phrase sesquipedalian loquaciousness without consulting the dictionary. Some people would rather be playing Portal 2 right now. I am one of those people. I hear it's a pretty good game.

Some people have already stopped reading this headline. So should you. You should go and read about what others enjoy, if that is what you enjoy. If not, maybe you should play some Portal 2 as well. I'm up for co-op.

Yours, Editors and staff of Better Than Sliced Bread Apologizing profusely for the fact that their editor can't seem to get over how awesome Portal 2 is.

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