We are BTSB!

Without further ado, in alphabetical order, the people who make Better Than Sliced Bread happen each and every month: Kerttu Kaikkonen

Kerttu is a 21-year-old student who has no clue of what she would like to do when she graduates (if she ever does). At the moment, she is on exchange at Edinburgh University (YAY!) and is doing important work as the foreign correspondent for BTSB reporting life from the United Kingdom in her monthly article during the Autumn semester. Kerttu is interested in many things, both academically as well as otherwise. Among other things, Kerttu does horseback riding, agility with her dog, and consumes a lot of vampire literature. Random fact: she is bored very easily.

Pilvi Kirppu

Pilvi is a writer with a lot of potential. So much, in fact, that she has been saving that potential for nine months in order to write such wonderful, mind-blowing articles about the most fascinating topics that can only be created in the careful process of slow contemplation. Pilvi may have also been slightly clueless about what to write about during these nine months, but prefers the former explanation. She is, after all, an artist. And as we know, you never rush one. Other facts we know about Pilvi: she adores music, Pokémon, fantasy & sci-fi, rpgs, and her crazy puppy Labrador named Zorlag.

Kaisa Leino

Kaisa is a third-year student, born in Kruununhaka, Helsinki. Kaisa has written BTSB stuff for a couple of years and loves it! She is also very interested in developing the webzine even more awesomener (sure it's a word)! Kaisa also has her own comic blog (kitty.sarjakuvablogit.com) and draws some strip comics to BTSB as well. She has a very healthy obsession with Batman and dinosaurs.

Kristiina Nieminen

Kristiina Nieminen is a third-year-student who hails from Kajaani, a town of around 40,000 people in the north. She has been writing for BTSB for about two years on a regular basis. In her articles, she has mostly stayed on light-hearted subjects, but this year she hopes to venture into more academic topics. Close to her heart are things such as literature, good and bad puns, animals, music, dancing, movies and long walks on the beach. Sometimes a tad shy, she takes her time warming to new people and things. When she grows up, she'd like to do something which would allow her to write and read a lot. Although, she wouldn't mind sitting on a mound of sand in the Kalahari, watching meerkats.

Niko Pasanen

Niko has been known as a pessimistic little troll for most of his life. This fall he finally became a man and left his freshman-status behind him and now he has been working hard(ish) to see the positive side in all the annoying stuff happening around him. This shows in his writing mainly as the overuse of the word “awesome”, mostly in places where he would have used something like “goddamn” before, like in the sentence “awesome elderly people spending hours in the grocery store queue with their awesome stories”.

Patrik Renholm

Patrik is Better Than Sliced Bread's editor in chief (a title of his devising) and is thus in charge of most of the dirty work that goes into keeping up the webzine. When he is not lamenting his nonexistent skills at php-editing and trying to keep the zine afloat he enjoys listening to music, mostly of the post-punk, lo-fi and minimal wave variety, and plays bass and makes squeaky noises in a band that is so obscure it might as well be nonexistent. When he does write articles for the magazine they are usually in bad taste and full of really terrible attempts at witticism.

Esko Suoranta

Esko is a fifth-year student with a habit of whipping things up an hour before the BTSB deadline. Mostly, his writing has concentrated on science (i.e. dinosaurs) and pop music (i.e. Judas Priest), but there's an useful article or two around there somewhere as well. Sometimes, he tries to write something funny, or “humorous”, often to no avail. Further, Mr. Suoranta is an expert on the literary Gothic, specializing in the notion of “beauteous orbs”. In January, he'll become BTSB's foreign correspondant in an undisclosed location in the United States.

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