Friday Night Lights

Stockholm Diskotek has a new way of pleasing everyone in the club on Friday nights and they've lined up some pretty big names to kick it off. BTSB talks to Janne Rauhanen, the man who is making it all happen. In person, Janne Rauhanen is almost a walking contradiction. He towers over you with a baby face. The voice that greets you is not what you would expect from someone who plays his music loud and fast. And what does he have to say about lining up two of the biggest names in the Finnish rap scene to kick off a series of four new shows that he is producing single-handedly?

“Well, I don’t know.” Like it’s something all twenty-one-year-olds do.

Janne is in the process of promoting four shows that will happen on the next four Fridays at the FunkyVibes Club in Stockholm Diskotek. Kicking off the first show this Friday, 23 November, is Paleface and Redrama, while the other nights have at least four djs a piece playing from eleven o’clock till closing. And if things go well, these shows will be a permanent thing at Stockholm Diskotek on Fridays.

“We’re mixing up all the music,” he says, meaning that there will be something for everybody at all the shows. “We’re trying to keep everybody happy.”

And that is why these shows exist. The idea is to play different types of music in the club so that everybody can have a good time. The music styles will range from hip hop to house, from breakbeat to mainstream and the djs will be playing hour-long sets. And here comes the nicest part – with four djs spinning per night and Redrama and Paleface headlining, the price is still only five euros. Students, tell your friends.

But, to be fair, the price isn’t what really matters here. Everyone knows that you need the right atmosphere for the right event; that’s what makes a night. Well, Janne thinks he’s nailed exactly that in Stockholm Diskotek, which was his first choice to try out this idea. That is, the idea of trying to please everyone in the club on a Friday. What does Janne have to say to that tall order?

“It’s going to go well. I really believe in this club.”

You heard it here first- when a producer is that confident, it can only mean he’s got a great show behind him.

Here’s the schedule and info:

23.11- Paleface, Redrama, Genki, Diffás

30.11- Wiljam, Mike Lawry, Oded Peled, Diffás

07.12- Mista S, Sir Nenis, Stede, Diffás

14.12- DJ Taste, Infekto, Mekaanikko, Diffás

Where: Stockholm Diskotek

When: Fridays, 11 p.m. - 4 a.m.

Age Limit: 20

Price: 5€ at the door

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