A Christmas Haiku

It's almost ChristmasSo I must write about it In a haiku form

We tend to write shit But this time of year we try To write excrement

Because we found joy In our hearts and in our minds So it's party time

No dead baby jokes No abusing Thoreau's book ('Walden still sucks!' -Ed)

No humanist crap About how we'll rule the world Because it's not true

We must celebrate Christmas is all about fun And for some: sadness

The ground is all white Not with snow, but with dead doves It's bird flu, I think

I hope Santa comes To my house, so I can say 'Dad, I know it's you'

And Jesus was born Or not, who knows? It's all vague What the Good Book says.

'On the first day of...' SHH! Shut up! 'Deck the halls with...' Quit it! Carols suck

No work on Christmas That's great, but I'm unemployed So it's quite normal

However, it's great Christmas is, I do love it Good times, peaceful times

From BTSB And me, a very merry Christmas-time to all! [tags]christmas, poem, haiku[/tags]

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