The Perfect Christmas Gift

Buying Christmas gifts is a bitch, isn’t it? Coming up with something unique and personal for all your friends and family members is taxing and frustrating, even when you know that it doesn’t really matter what you give – it’s the giving that counts. Ploughing through stores looking for gift ideas is like wading through a dense jungle armed only with a rubber knife. Everybody’s in a hurry, in a bad mood and ready to fight you for whatever useless commodity you both have your eyes fixed on. Well I’ve had enough. All those dearest to me will understand if all they get from me this Christmas is a smile and the guarantee that they’ll have my friendship for another year.

So I’m done going through record stores and toy shops looking for gifts that will fall into blissful oblivion the minute after their charm has faded (usually right after the wrapping paper has been torn off). But I have a tip for you. The Perfect Christmas Gift is yours to purchase. It costs just about as much as your willing to invest in it, it will surely make you feel blissful and good, and whoever receives it will most likely be very grateful to you. And there’s even a third party concerned: someone out there in the world, who’s much worse off than you, will be eternally grateful to their secret Santa.

You see, my mother gave me a link to FinnChurchAid (Kirkon Ulkomaanapu). They host a gift service called Toisenlainen Lahja (Alternative Gifts). You can find the link at the end of this article. At their website you can purchase all kinds of commodities that will help those in need. It’s wonderfully simple, doesn’t cost much and will make up for all your negligence in participating in various charities and collections throughout the year.

“Alternative gifts don’t have to be expensive to make a great difference to the lives of people who live in poverty” is what the website says. You can buy anything from a school uniform (5€) to a well (1200€). Just a few clicks at their website, then a few clicks at your bank’s web service and you’re done! What a perfect way to share the joy.

And the upside is that no one can really be rightfully peeved that you spent the money reserved for their Christmas gifts on helping out those who have a much better chance of benefiting from your generosity. And, like I wrote before, you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So, if you’re tired of looking for Christmas gifts, browse over to FCA’s Alternative Gifts service and be a good person.

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