Forever A Bone: A Lament.

Forever A Bone: A Lament.

A rush of blood to the head

Meaning that which is between my legs

I lie under the covers in my bed

Pitching a tent without any pegs


As I walk down the street

I always point the way

It must be really obvious

That I need a good lay


I can't seem to get rid of it

It's there for all to see

I can't even go to the bathroom

Because it's so difficult to pee


I could go to a therapist

But I can't talk to people

They're all too distracted

By my unholy steeple


I went to a priest

But he couldn't solve mine

He said he could not assist

A boy older than nine


They've all abandoned me and made me into a loner.

I suppose I should stop transforming my penis into a boner.

A Creative Title

Undercover at SUB's 40th Anniversary Dinner Party