Have you ever had a feeling that you weren't alone? I'm quite sure, dear reader, that you have suddenly started feeling that way right now. For you see, all it takes is a suggestion and, before you know it, your mind is fixated on it. Every little sound and movement is amplified to become something far more sinister than something as simple as the sounds of a house settling. For you, the suggestion came from me itself. As for me, the suggestion came from nothing more sinister than a little urban legend that has been circulating the internet. The legend focuses on an elusive being that has the ability to subtly distort things around you in order to make you feel uneasy. It's really quite interesting actually and I found myself becoming very absorbed in the story, combing over every little detail that I could find with my eyes fixated on the screen... That is until I heard that sound. That first sound that initially threatened to break my concentration. It was just one sound, just one lonely little sound that I heard... Like a muffled thump... For some reason, be it the eerie subject matter of the text I was reading or the otherwise deathly silent house that I was in, I started feeling rather peculiar... Something about that sound began to gnaw at me. Once I heard it, I heard it again and again inside my own head. Think of it, my own head! My own sanctuary! So you can perhaps begin to understand why I got up to investigate. I saw nothing and heard nothing but what I felt... What I felt was unease. That is why, dear reader, I have decided to begin writing this. I feel almost inspired by this sense of unease and I feel some strange desire to document this. This is but a chronicle of my adventures this evening but perhaps by the end it will be something else all-together, like a great mystery that turns out not to be a ghost but instead a man with a mask over his head. As I said, dear reader, when I first got up to investigate the noise, I found nothing physical to account for it yet obviously something had caused it! A noise cannot come into existence all by itself. Somehow, I almost feel more disturbed by not having found anything than if I had found the portal to Hell itself residing in my living room. Nevertheless, I have an assignment to do and I shall return to it lest I waste the evening because of one sound. I am, as you must be fully aware due to my celebrity status, a journalist after all, and my task this evening is to write a spooky little article about a modern day urban legend. You'll have to read my upcoming article to get the full story on this spine-chilling legend but I will leave you with this little teaser: it appears to feed on your interest but makes you doubt its existence until it's too late.


Dear readers, I have heard it again! It has been a few moments since I wrote that last paragraph and during that time I continued reading about this urban legend. A remarkable legend it surely is, about a being that distorts the world around you as if you were growing insane. As a result, it is almost impossible to say whether it exists because anyone that has come into contact with it and lived to tell the tale can easily be mistook for nothing but a fool with a head that has gone on a one way trip to the moon. But I digress, the sound! The sound that I heard was still muffled yet I believe it might have been a bit louder this time... Oh but the cause of the sound? Yes, dear reader, as you might have guessed, I once again found nothing to call the cause. The unease, however, is still here though I also find myself laughing at how scared I am of a ghoul in the corner that isn't actually there. What foolish beings we humans are to fear the unknown, to fear that what is not even actually there. Our minds can conjure up the most fantastic things yet still harbor such primitive fears. Speaking of which, the urban legend is beginning to draw my attention again... I shall return to this if there is anything to report but I fear that you, dear readers, will probably be left unsatisfied by this boring tale.


I must tell you about this feeling I had, dear readers. After spending quite some time continuing my research, I decided to get up to go get myself a glass of water. Oh dear reader, never has the water rushing from the fountain sounded as loud as it did now! Never has the ticking of the clock affected my ears as it did now! I am uneasy, dear reader, and I know not why.


Dear reader, let me preface this by saying that I am expecting nobody. I have reserved this entire evening for the sole intention of working on this article in the comfort of my own home with nary a distraction. My brain knows that I'm expecting nobody but yet... It is as if my body feels otherwise. It is as if I'm in a constant sense of anticipation... Remember that sound, dear reader? That initial muffled thump that I heard? I have not heard it again yet, for some reason, I cannot seem to stop thinking about it... Somehow, it's presence is all the more palpable in this eerie silence that has taken over my apartment. I cannot say for sure how long this silence has been going... I only noticed it moments ago yet... it feels like it's been here for an eternity. Dear reader, I feel I must get up now to acquire myself a drink and take a breather before I allow my mind to become too absorbed by all this nonsense that I have been reading today.


Dear reader, have you ever had a picture smile at you?


Know this, dear reader, there are eyes on me now... I know not where they come from or how many there are but my gut tells me that I may not be alone. Since the second sound, I have heard nothing but my unease continues to grow. This home no longer feels like my own.


Dear reader, I urge you to stop reading! You know too much already and I only continue to write this because I feel that it is the only way to preserve my sanity. I no longer know what is up, what is down, what is left, what is right, what is true, and what is merely legend. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO THINK STRAIGHT WHEN THESE EYES ARE ON ME!!!!! The legend... It feeds on interest in it... And I fear that I may have fed it too much. Continuing to research the legend is doing me no good, this is the road to nowhere. Good intentions are irrelevant at this point. I find it so silly that I was initially disturbed by that one sound because at this point I would give anything for something to break this infernal silence! Leaving me alone with my thoughts at this point is worse than any physical torture yet there is no relief! No escape! I am here forever now alone and forever for eternity and life as i know it is a black hole into itself. if there is a god why has he forsaken me so to the aaaaa sound! I hear it! Oh dear reader, if you are still here, I want you to know that there is a light at the end of this tunnel! I have heard a sound! Dear reader, please wait here for a moment... I must go investigate this sound. I believe it is what I've been looking for all this time. Trust, dear reader, that I will not keep you in suspense and will be back shortly to tell you about the source! Speak to you soon!

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