Word of the Week: Absolution

Word of the week brings you up close and personal with the noble tongue of English. This tongue will be wiggled in places where only the brave dare venture. Absolution :: ab-suh-loo-shuh-n -Nounabsolved 1. Any resolution made while under the influence of a Swedish brand name vodka, and forgotten the next morning Last night he kept on and on about how he was quitting smoking, but I guess it was just an absolution. 2. The determination to keep drinking Swedish brand name vodka even though this is considered a bad idea by everyone around In the end, Billy's absolution was his undoing. One can't help but think that the tiger pen would not have seemed quite so inviting to him, were it not for those last two Screwdrivers.

Note also To absolve :: ab-solv -Verb 1. To become progressively more incoherent in speech and unstable in mood and behaviour as a result of drinking Swedish brand name vodka What had started out as a lovely evening out with friends turned into a nightmare as James slowly but surely absolved into a sobbing, spluttering mass of groping hands and biting teeth under the table.


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To Make Out

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